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Artist since the day I was born...
Graduated in art studies at the St Luc high school of Tournai (Belgium)
Photographer apprentice in the INRACI superior school of Brussels.

My path is characterized by having studied a little or a lot with all the people who wanted to teach me their handcrafts throughout the 32 years I've been living in Tenerife. Different artworks as the embroidery, the tailoring, the creation of queen's carnival costumes or the secrets of natural dyes.
And then...   autodidact.

Because when an idea makes my heart beat, I invest a lot of time, and much of my energy in doing, undoing, testing and researching until I achieve a result that satisfies me.

Creator and owner of the #Vinotinte project for Bodegas Monje (El Sauzal),

Cofounder of Joias Janaina